I believe that birth is a natural human process... in most cases not a medical emergency, but simply an emergence. Within each woman there is an innate wisdom that knows beautifully and exactly how to grow a child, cell by cell and how to birth.  Women need to feel safe and respected during labour in order for this process to unfold naturally.  The best way to harness the power of this natural wisdom is to be in an environment that feels safe, protected and comfortable.  As your doula, I am your advocate and a guardian of your sacred space. However your birth unfolds, I remain a constant, reassuring and calm presence working to help you achieve the birth you desire.  Our relationship grows over the months that we work together through cozy, in-home prenatal visits, regular communication and exploring your ideal birth experience. 
I am an inclusive birth doula and I am honored to support women of all races and religious backgrounds.  Single mothers, surrogates and LGBTQ clients are all welcome and embraced.  I attend births in homes, hospitals and the Lucina Birth Centre.